FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take to ship to my place? 

     - Our average shipping time is around 14 business days currently! we do have a "Shipping and Delivery" page so you can check the estimated time for delivery in your country!

How much do you charge for shipping fees?

     - We DON'T charge for shipping! its actually free WorldWide!

My job requires a lot of standing and carrying, will this help?

     - Definitely will! Our product line is made to help ease the pressure of your bones which will allow you to work for longer and feel almost no pain!


Does it help for my leg posture?

     - 100%! The brace will help position your body in the right position. a big part of why someone's posture is incorrect is because of the pressure of the bone. however when the pressure is released and the body relaxes, it will go back to it's original position.


Does it really enhance your performance?

     - Great question! yes it definitely does. Our Products will help you carry up to 80lbs less on yourself. With less weight, you will be able to walk longer, carry heavier, and at the same time protect your Bone Alignment.


Who are the braces made for?

     - They are made for everyone! our customers vary from construction workers, to Athletes, to sales reps, to older and younger people, male or female. The end goal is to help ease pressure off your bones and enhance your performance!


Are there different sized for different heights for the Posture Corrector?

     - No, there is only 1 size and is made in a way that is suitable for everyone!


Does it work for children?

     - Yes it does, its very rare that they would need them but can surely help prevent any future injuries!


How often should i wear the Air Belt?

     - As much as you need to! we recommend wearing them any time you go for long walks, runs, hikes, standing up job, and even to the gym if you need back support to carry heavier!